Every Tuesday & Thursday

8:45pm Ron Kirk Pedestrian Bridge

3000 Gulden Ln
Dallas, TX 75212 United States

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.


How do I join the movement?
Sign the waiver and just come run with us, we’ll get your contact info so you can keep up with our runs and events.


Are there dues?


Can I bring a friend with me?
Yes, as many as you would like!


Do you meet any other nights of the week?
Official runs are Tuesday and Thursdays but we have “pop-up runs” that are generally organized over social media – check our Facebook Page and Group, Instagram, or Twitter feeds to find out more.


Your gear is dope. I want some!
We are working to get a regular stock of clothing. You can purchase merchandise at our runs or online.


What should I wear?
Wear bright clothing, we run at night so this will help you be visible by cars that may be driving around.


I have an idea for WRTT. Can I share it?
YES! We would love to hear what you have to say! Send us an email to info@werunthetrinity@gmail.com looking forward to hearing from you!


Who leads WRTT?
WeRunTheTrinity is led by Demarcus, Kelli, Rod, Ashley and Jeremy, Feel free to chat with any/all of them about any questions you may have. Get involved!


Where can I see route?
Run routes are posted on the website (about page) and Facebook page.


Have a question we missed? Even though we look tough, we won’t bite.
Shoot us an email! info@werunthetrinity.com

Season 3 is almost here! We'll be back to our regularly scheduled runs March 19th. Until then we'll be hosting a series of Popup runs. Follow us on IG for more info.
Stay Updated!